Online geriatric NP programs

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    It doesn't seem that there are many out there, but I'm wondering if anyone has gone through an online geriatric NP program or is doing it now. I'd like to hear about your experience. On one hand, the thought of sitting in a classroom again really keeps me from making a move to apply, but I wonder if I'm disciplined enough to get through an online program. I also wonder about the clinicals and how easy or hard it is to find a placement.

    I live in the Philadelphia area and I've looked into the Seton Hall (NJ) online program....anyone have any add'l info about it?

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  3. by   NHRNmomof3
    I am hoping to to SHU's adult health NP program. I will hear in May if I got accepted. I have to finish by RN-BSN before I get a decision. I have heard good things about the program and school.