Gonorrhea/Chlamydia testing for women

  1. What have you found to be the most reliable method of testing for gonorrhea/chlamydia in women? I know the CDC says we can use a urine sample, which is pretty darned convenient, but then I read that vaginal or endocervical swabs are more accurate. Thoughts? Thanks!
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  3. by   studentnurserachel
    I work primarily in an adolescent health clinic and since we really don't have any other reason to do a pelvic now unless they are having pain or funky discharge (no paps until 21), we do urine tests. I think the important thing is to remember that they cannot have peed for an hour prior and it must be a "dirty" vs clean catch. The statistics are pretty good on the urine test for detection if those parameters are met, and anecdotally, the urine test has been highly effective at finding the ridiculous numbers of chlamydia I have seen in the last couple months!

    That said, if someone is coming in for a problem, and I am doing a pelvic anyway, I collect the sample that way because of the slight increase in detection rate.
  4. by   AtomicWoman
    Thanks so much. That makes a lot of sense to approach it your way.