Get into NP program with GPA lower than 3.0?

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    I am 24, been an LPN for 2 years and will graduate from my BSN program next May 2010. I'm very passionate about being a NP but my GPA has suffered because I work 32 hours on the weekend and then full time school through the week (the bills have to be paid along with tuition). My GPA is 2.62 (dropped from 3.1 to 2.62 in 2 semesters) and I'm trying to make all A's from here on out to bring my GPA up, but that is no guarantee. I'm president of my nursing program and plan to take the GRE this summer and hopefully do well on that to outweigh my GPA. I very much want to go straight into a program after I graduate to get it over with and because I'm scared I will never go back if I take a break. What I'm asking is has anyone got into a program with less than a 3.0 and where did you go? Also, what would you suggest to get myself out of this mess?

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