FNP student needs help with NP interviews

  1. Hello! I am an FNP student needing to interview any NP not working for a hospital as part of my paper. If you have time to answer the following questions, please feel free. I would truly appreciate it!

    1. Years of experience as a nurse? As a nurse practitioner?
    2. Years possessing a furnishing number and DEA?
    3. Years possessing Medicare provider status?
    4. Negotiating strategies used for position as NP?
    5. Were you paid hourly or salaried?
    6. What were the work hours?
    7. Did you get paid for on-call?
    8. How much vacation time?
    9. Were CME's paid or not?
    10. Were the following paid or not: malpractice insurance? health insurance? disability insurance? life insurance?
    11. Were you offered retirement plans?

    Thank you!!
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