FNP Post-Masters Certificate Programs

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    This is a follow-up to my previous post. I'm graduating from an AGPCNP program in December 2017, but I want to work in Urgent care and I can't do that as an AGPCNP. I've worked with a couple pediatric patients recently, and realized I like working with kids. I also like women's health as well. So I am looking for a post-master's FNP certificate program that is online, preferably one that is specifically designed for nurse practitioners who already have an AGPCNP, PNP, Women's health NP, etc. Can anyone offer any suggestions? The hard part is finding one that is compatible with the state board of nursing in my home state, which is Maryland.

    Does anyone know anything about the George Washington University FNP certificate program?
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  3. by   SuarezMSNRNCEN
    No, its the most common post-master's degree that is available, there are several FNP 100% online programs just try a google search, you would be amazed!