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  1. What is your favoriate FNP certification review book? I am currently preparing for my ANCC FNP exam. I bought a lot of books. Still think Fitzgerald one is the most practical one. However, a lot of contents that included in ANCC's review manual are not covered in her book. Her live review CDs cover even less. Jill E. Winland-Brown and Lynne M. Dunphy's book has tons of questions; however, most of the questions either too easy or not from a primary care's perspective.

    Leik's book is the least comprehensive one.

    What is your opinion?
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  3. by   NPinWCH
    Barkley and Associates review course covers the theory and professional development stuff the ANCC tests cover. I took their review, which was worth the money, but I also used Fitzgerald's review book, though I took AANP FNP exam.

    I don't know if you can just purchase a Barkley book though. What I have is really just lecture notes and I have the course on CD.