Final Exams and Credentialling , esp Frontier Grads

  1. As the AANP fast approaches, I am curious for all those who have tested and passed, how well did you think the final exams in grad school reflected the content on the credentialing exam. I am especially curious to hear from Frontier Nursing University graduates..

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  3. by   zmcintosh23
    I graduated from Frontier in Feb. 2012. I was not at all prepared for my exams. Of course, while I was attending school, there was multiple things going on in my personal life. Also, I spent a year doing my clinicals. I hate the way that Frontier leaves all the clinical rotations till the end. I took the certification exam straight out of school and I failed. I have not retaken it; however, I attended a Barley class earlier this year and I am beginning the process of studying for the exam again. I have a job offer that I am really interested in and would love to pass. I am looking for a study partner. If you, or anyone you know, would be interested, please contact me. Barkley recommends that as one of the best study methods. Please give me a call if interested 606-548-0413. Thanks.