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    I am a newer NP. I work in a small practice with one physician. I am in the process of being credentialed with the insurances (I am fully licensed in my state with prescriptive authority). My doctor is wanting to go away for a day or two around the holidays and have me see some follow ups. (Only straight forward patients that I approve of) and he will be available to be reached by telephone. I am aware I cannot do incident to billing because he will not be in the office. Can I even see the patients if I am not credentialed by that time though? I stated my concern and he said something in regards to "if we don't get paid for the service, I'm okay with it...I just want the patient to have someone available if needed".

    Can anyone clarify further? I really just don't want to get into any issues legally

    thank you!
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  3. by   YoutubeTheNP
    Credentialed with the insurance company just means you can bill for them. It's not the same credential process you go through to work in a hospital. So yes, you can still see the pt. That's why he said he doesn't care if they aren't billed.