Being a neonatal nurse practioner

  1. How is the work schedule of a nnp?
    Since they work in a hospital can they get paid overtime?
    Is it worth it to become a nnp or should you just stay a neonatal nurse?
    What is their salary like?
    Are they as busy as doctors/do they have time for family?
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    I'm not a NNP, rather I'm an Adult ACNP working in Adult Critical Care Medicine in a hospital setting. The NNP's at our hospital are our NICU counterparts. They are a team of NP's providing 24/7 coverage for our Level III NICU working in collaboration with Neonatologists. Their schedule and employment is exactly similar to ours: three 12-hour shifts a week. We are employed by the hospital (which is under the university system and the state). As such, we get paid overtime pay, holiday pay, and shift differentials. Benefits are through the university system including pension and 403. Salaries are publicly posted at our institution. The Adult Critical Care NP's have been around for almost 8 years, however, the NNP team has been around longer than that.