Are there any NPs working in dermatology?

  1. Hi! I'm an NP student & I was wondering if any of you NPs are working in dermatology. The specialty fascinates me, especially because you can see a wide variety/ages of patients and also because you use a combination of medical, surgical, and nursing skills in the field. Please respond if this is your specialty, and tell me what a typical day is like for you. Thanks!
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  3. by   nurse79
    That is an excellent question..I am totally drawn into this area also,but unfortunately have not heard of too much feedback either!
    Please let me know if u hear of anything, and I'll be on the lookout as well!!
  4. by   sweetpea123

    Found this with a quick google search. Maybe you could contact the program and ask if they have any alumni who will talk to interested students?
  5. by   majaka
    Here in SW Florida there are lots of ARNP in dermatology.