Acute care PNP vs. Primary care PNP

  1. What is the "word" in your areas concerning the role of the acute care pediatric nurse practitioner? I'm specifically wondering about the role of the PNP in an ER. I have only recently graduate with my PNP...I will sit for boards in two weeks for primary care certification. I have heard that JCAHO is urging PNPs that work in a hospital setting to be certified in acute care. I am looking at jobs in hospital based clinics as well as in the ER. However, I'm hesitant about starting one of these if it is mandated that these nurses be acute care. I'm not anywhere near ready to go back to school again!
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello, lunaPNP,

    There are no peds acute care NPs in my area, so I cannot help you there. Maybe others will come along and give you some inside information regarding their areas.

    Good luck with the board exam!!!