ACNP' you recommend critical care experience?

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    Question to ACNPs:

    I recently applied to an ACNP program and will soon find out if I have been accepted. After working on a Telemetry unit for 5 years, I moved on to spend a year working as a Cardiac Clinician, and most recently accepted the position of Clinical Educator (Cardiology). I have a dilemma. I have never worked in Critical Care and feel that I should have this background. If I get into the program I am seriously contemplating leaving Staff Development to work in Critical Care while I'm in school. I feel it'll better prepare me for my long term goal.

    I'd like some advice from ACNPs.
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  3. by   codebluechic
    Hi Effa,

    I have also just recently applied to an ACNP program. I could not imagine starting this without critical care experience. I have been doing critical care for 5 years and have my CCRN. Your telemetry experience may be very benefical though. What was the level of acuity on the unit? Did you have gtts, pacers, etc?
  4. by   Fairshare
    Critical care experience is recommended but not required. I have seen very good nurses become ACNPs without critical care experience. They have to work a little harder but do well.