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Nurse-Midwife Application in the Philippines

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Hi Everyone,

I saw an inquiry on this a couple of years ago and it's almost the same as the one I will be posting now. I am writing because I would like to know more about the latest news and requirements for Registered Nurses to be able to take the Midwifery Licensure Exams in the Philippines.

I'm a Registered Nurse, graduated 2010. However, I practiced the profession for just a couple of months and took a different path because of money matters (until now). Now, I am planning to go back to nursing and would love to be a Nurse-midwife.

To do so, should I still take Midwifery classes or just proceed with completing the requirements stated by PRC on their website? I will be leaving my job soon and is planning to pursue what I have left behind a few years ago. Hope you guys can enlighten me with my decision. Your feedback will be very much appreciated! Thank you so much!

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