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  1. I am looking for a solution to the scheduling of staff who works only weekends (their request) My problem with this schedule comes when they wants time off. Other staff work every 3rd weekend and when they want their weekend off they must trade it with another nurse(per policy). The "all weekend" staff have been able to just request their time off with out arranging their own trade and thus others have then been scheduled extra weekends to cover this - of course causing problems. If you have any policy or suggestions it would be of help!!!
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  3. by   natalie
    My weekend staff are allowed one weekend off every 3 months. They must make their request one month in advance for the weekend they want. I then have time to move schedules around to accomodate them and not hurt my schedule. For any other time they want off they must get their own replacements. They are also required to work at leat 8 hours for the 3 "major" holidays if it falls on the weekend or not. Absenteeism is monitored very closely too.