Union Formation

  1. Just recently our institution has met with consultants regarding union formation in the midsouth area. This is a very new concept to many managers in this area. Has anyone had to deal with RN's trying to unionize???
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  3. by   mother/babyRN
    Best thing in the world to come along in my nursing career...Stops favortism before it starts and makes pay and intervention by management close to decent....It will cause you to have more staff when they know they have recourse should they need it..
  4. by   copperd
    It would be a blessing to Memphis, (lowest paid nurses in the state.) Except for State employees. Even the agency pay is lower. A travel agency tried to get me over there at $23/hr. It sucks. I have been told by several nurses (who used to work there) they were of course understaffed and overworked just like the rest of the hospitals for a pittance of a salary. Good Luck