to mba or not to mba

  1. my question is really my wife's
    what is the more desirable masters degree:
    the msn-administration
    the mba-with focus on healthcare
    the masters in healthcare administration

    my wife is looking for a program that would be most desired by a hospital for a ceo or assistant ceo position.
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    HEY HI!!! I can't believe someone from Chinle is here!!!! HI!!!! Oh wow!!! I am so homesick for the Canyon I sat down and cried today! Dale?
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    Wow good question. I can say I am working on a masters program with a totally different focus. My husband is an MBA with a healthcare major. He wanted to go into to other types of managment but found he was limited to healthcare. Both his brothers are MBAs with other focuses and make more than double what he does.