Rostering software

  1. Can anyone recommend a rostering computer program?
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  3. by   Cardiolo
    What is "rostering" software, or perhaps a better question would be, what do you want to do with it?
  4. by   Hayden
    I'm looking for a computer program that will help me in creating a staff roster/schedule.
  5. by   Cardiolo
    Here are 2 for you to look at:

    AnnoPlan v5.2 - this one can be downloaded at:

    Type annoplan in the search box and do the search. This one is shareware and is $30 after the trial period. Includes an e-mail feature.

    ISB Smart Scheduler - this one can be downloaded at:

    Again, type isb smart scheduler in the search window, and go. This one has a 10 day trial period and is $449.

    Let me know how these work for you