Rewarding Nurses for basic and advanced skills

  1. Hi I was hoping some one could help me. I am a Nurse Educator from a small
    country call New Zealand. The hospital group I am working for is developing
    a process of encouraging and rewarding nurses for their skills from basic to
    advanced by certification basic and advanced practice skills. The problem is
    I would like the nurses to have an increase in both remuneration and status
    for this. I have looked on the WWW to see how others have set up and
    developed a similar process, but I can find any thing. If you have a process
    like this at your hospital I would love information on it, also the pros and
    cons... of having a system like this.
    Catherine Abel-Pattinson
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  3. by   NurseRachet
    We have just discussing this also at our hospital. I worked at the VAMC (government) and they have a system that specifically defines and rewards staff by degrees. It was a very good scale, and really reflected the experience along with the degree. Perhaps you could contact them for more information.