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  1. Happy Sunday everyone,

    I am looking for some advice. I have started my new position as a nurse manager. Currently there is an interim manager who previously was a staff nurse on the floor and agreed to fill the position for a few months. However a few months have turned to 9 months. She is currently orienting me, in no specific form or fashion. Although I have been at the hospital for almost a month, I spent 2 weeks in hospital orientation. Since I have arrived to the unit, I am being thrown a bunch of information at one time in no specific fashion, as well as I have worked on day alone due to the fact that she was granted a day off for working the floor the day before. So all in all out of the 8 shifts that we have spent together. I have done 2 days that have consisted of payroll, and 3 with other nurse managers, as well as a day on the floor with assignment.

    The issue is this person will have a last day of this coming Friday, to go start a new position next week. I have spoken to my direct supervisor who just keeps saying it will be okay we won't let you drown. I am new to this hospital and new to the role. I am learning there way, policies, and procedures, as well as the nurse manager role... I really don't know how to approach this subject anymore with my manager without sounding like I am whining. I have asked for a more structured orientation, with at minimum a checklist of requirements of for a new nurse manager in the hospital? I have not received anything, and when asking questions while orienting a lot of the answers are I DON'T KNOW, MAYBE YOU CAN ASK ONE OF THE OTHER NURSE MANAGERS! I would like to be successful in this position, but I just feel like I am not being given the most basic tools for success. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
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  3. by   K+MgSO4
    I am guessing that the RN who has been doing your role had no orientation but just had to learn on the fly.
    She may have no previous management experience.

    I would set out what you need to learn into the 4 quadrants of finance, quality, people and access.

    Delve deeper into each e.g. quality what are the falls, pressure injury, med errors, OH&S issues, complaints and serious incidents, available equipment and is it functioning?. Into each of those issues prioritise immediate, urgent, moderate long term.

    This may require you spending some time either with OneNote, Excel or a hardcopy notebook over the next e ening after work.

    Once you have a plan meet with the relevant people who can help you. Clinical educator, quality coordinator, HR, finance person. These people can help you with the relevant questions.

    Then meet with your manager and share your 3/6/12 month plans.