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  1. We are presently looking for a medication cart. The important features for us are; light weight, a light source attached to cart, must be able to use blister packs as well as hold some stock medications, a storage spot for syringes, gloves, etc, a locked narcotic drawer on cart. Has anyone recently purchased a cart that they really like. We have supplier info on "the same old thing".

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  3. by   TopazStone
    I recently went through this search process. The cost of the carts is very high (around $1200 for a small cart). I switched pharmacies to one that delivers meds in blister packs to LTC facilities/ OP clinics. They will allow you to use a cart free of charge when you utilize their pharmacy ... hope this helps.
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    To Topaz your name.
    Are you Canadian? I was just informed by our pharmacy that the Ministry (Ont.) of Health would no longer let them supply us with med. carts. Has anyone else heard about this?


  5. by   TopazStone
    Nope, I'm here in the U.S. Guess we both have government agencies that like to make our ability to provide care a little more dificult . . .

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