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  1. Hello Everyone! I was just promoted to Nurse Manager of a Level 1 Trauma Center in the ER (in which I was working in for 3 years prior). Today was my very first day and it went well. I'm just hoping the rest of my week will go as smoothly. My question goes out to anyone who can answer it. I am looking for ideas (this is my first mgmt job, so this may sound silly to some of you)....but I am looking for ideas on different ways to 'flag' employes files so as to keep them up to date. My previous boss didn't bother doing it at all, and now is running around in circles because JCAHO is coming soon. There are so many things to flag (RN License, BLS, ACLS, Evaluations, Competencies, etc). I'm wondering if anyone has a good system for this or if there is some kind of computer program this can be used for. All responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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