help with consistent prn med charting

  1. I am a senior nursing student. We are assigned a CQI project of our choice to do. Our group has chosen PRN charting. We are working on a med/surg unit. THe nurses are really having problems remembering, consistently, to chart PRNs. The problem lies where the PRN charting is located. The PRN meds are on the front, but you chart the effectiveness and time given on the back. They are forgetting to come back and chart the effectiveness on the back or just simply to chart they have even given it and the reason for it on the back. We are looking for new ways to remind the nurses they have given a PRN and need to chart why and how it worked. If you have any suggestions of how you do it on your floors we would greatly appreciate it!! This project is due in a few short weeks, so if you could help me out I would appreciate it..thanks
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  3. by   Iris in the morning
    We have medication records which have both timed and prn meds listed. When med is given the nurse just places time in slot next to medication, and initials it. Reasons for meds are tied in to assessment of need for medication in nurses notes.
    Hope this helps.