From Head Nurse to Nurse Manager

  1. In a large long term facility, a transition is in place from head nurses to nurse managers. In all it means about 17 current jobs jockeying for 11 new jobs. Questions about increased support and salary to be paid are met with vague generalities.

    One huge pitfall is scheduling to be done by area rather than facility wide, and implications on union contract requirements for seniority in consideration for time off.

    I am very curious for any input from either the side of question (management or workers) on what should be realistically expected in salary increases for those who "move up" and salary cuts for those who, willingly or fighting,"move down" to a "staff nurse" position after some years as either a head nurse or supervisor.

    What questions should be answered prior to accepting a position, vs. what realistically would just have to evolve with the transition.
    In many cases, this involves long term employees ranging from 5 to 25 years.

    Is it realistic to expect huge pay cuts, or from an administrative viewpoint, would this just force many of these long term employees to walk and work elsewhere, greatly aggravating a very tight job market with many current vacanies in "front line" positions, both RNs and LPNs, and even more critically certified nurse assistants.

    Any comments from either side would be welcome.
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