Forecast Hospital Census Surges 24 to 72Hrs in Advance

  1. An East Coast multi-hospital study replicated a 3 year community medical center pilot which suggested that an association between particular meteorological conditions and surges in hospital census exists. These findings will be introduced in the first Nursing Meteorological Conference
    scheduled for November 5, 2008. Research findings will be discussed. Tools for nurses to replicate the study in their location will be available.
    Data was provided by the US Weather Service and study hospitals. Thank you for your attention to this nursing announcement.
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  3. by   snuggles49
    Like the Full Moon affect. Our census always surges at this time.
  4. by   weatherwoman
    I'm currently doing a pilot study related to a lunar event that recently took place. In addition, shifts in weather variables are presenting in my data as having a strong association. Take a look at the Sept issue of Nursing Management 2008. Keep in touch.
  5. by   Katnip
    Nurses have always known this. Somehow the research hasn't borne it out, but the research must be flawed somewhere. I worked in the ED and a lot of nurses didn't want to schedule themselves for a full moon. And that includes the day of it.

    I'm glad somebody, somewhere is taking it seriously.