Continuing Education Budget

  1. I am looking for guidelines for nursing continuing education budgets - I would appreciate any input! I work for a physician clinic and I'm trying to put together a budget for my nurses to go to annual conferences. Does anyone have any guidelines?

    Please help!
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  3. by   babsRN
    In my previous wrok experience we planned on $100 per professional FTE per year to be used on tuition to seminars. I would also plan on spending about 8 hours on "nonproductive" pay to send staff to seminars per year if the $100 was exceeded. That was for nurses. Also managed other disiplines that I needed to be more generous with...nurses seem grateful for whatever they can get. In my current position, the administrators are more generous than what I describe above. I'm now in the for profit side whereas before I was in a not for profit. Currently I budget and get support for a "major" national seminar for myself(which I've never used) and one supervisor from each area I manage(4)...and one local seminar for each professional FTE. I also use a good deal of nonproductive time on education of staff per payperiod, to ensure adequate clinical competency and for physician satisfaction. Hope this helps...b