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  1. I am a RN with a BSN currently in the MBA program with University of Phoenix. It's great because you can choose what area you want to learn more about, for example my husband and I are taking the same courses at the same time, however, he plans to go into accounting and I into healthcare administration. So our first 12 classes are the same, the last three will focus on the area we want to learn more about. I was wondering if there were any other RN's that have taken the administrative path. I would appreciate any advice and helpful career strategies. Thank you!
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    Cool...I did the BSN completion program and loved it. Now, I'm doing the MSN in management and leadership with UofP. I plan to go into admin or nurse educator. How much longer do you have to go? I did the BSN program in 18 months and doubled several classes. I also plan to double some of the MSN classes in order to finish in about 15 months.