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Nurse killed by ringing alarm clock [UK]


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'alarm clock' death inquest call

a mother who believes her daughter died of a rare heart condition after being startled by her alarm clock is calling for a fresh inquest into her death.

doreen harley, from connah's quay, said she has medical proof her daughter, lisa browne, 27, who nursed in chester, died of long qt syndrome.

the inquest into the nurse's death in 1998 recorded an open verdict and with an unascertainable cause of death.

mrs harley described the new evidence as "the end of the nightmare".

she said: "it's something we have always wanted. the family could just not accept that lisa died for no apparent reason."

mrs harley, of connah's quay, flintshire, turned to experts in sweden for the technology to conduct genetic tests on post-mortem tissue taken from her daughter, who worked at the countess of chester hospital. dna experts confirmed that lisa, who was found dead in bed with her arm resting on the alarm clock, had long qt syndrome, an hereditary electrical abnormality of the heart.

members of mrs harley's family have since been found to have the condition which can cause loss of consciousness and sudden death. as a result, said mrs harley, her surviving daughter, rachel, was fitted with a small internal defibrillator three years ago.

full story: 'nurse killed by ringing alarm clock' [itv.com,uk]

Oh, that is so sad! I've read about long QT syndrome. I saw something about it a while ago about a family who all had it. The grandfather died in a thunderstorm and the girl went to the mayo clinic for testing...

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