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Nurse Extern Programs in Chicago

Melissa25 Melissa25 (New) New

Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble applying to nurse extern programs. I've applied to so many places here in Chicago but I can't seem to get so much as an interview. Northwestern sent me an e-mail stating "we are looking for someone who more closely matches what we are looking for, and the one interview I got at St. Mary's...well, the lady didn't even call me back after the interview or e-mail me back to say "no". (We were trying to reschedule for me to meet with the nurse manager of the unit but I had a summer class I could not get out of that day, so we were trying to set up a phone interview with the nurse manager and the human resources hiring lady did not get back to me even though she stated she would.) I'm getting frustrated because I graduate in December and I would really love an opportunity to work as a nurse extern and get some extra experience. If anyone has any tips or suggestions to places I haven't applied, it would really help. I would be greatly appreciative of any help-I feel so discouraged and stuck-I don't know what direction I should take at this point. :o



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