nurse educator options (need advice)

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I've started an MSN Nurse Educator program, and at first I planned to go for a post-master's FNP, but now I've changed my mind (I'm loving the educator courses). What are some jobs that you've loved as a nurse educator? Hospital? Teaching online courses? Classroom? Other?

Background: I'm an ONS chemo and CHPN RN and I haven't been working in hospice for about six months because I am BURNED OUT. I'm looking for a job environment that is cheerful and upbeat where I can do meaningful and helpful work. I would love something that allows me to have some creativity.

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I worked as a hospital-based educator and I also teach online in an RN-BSN program. Maybe hospital/unit education would be a good place to start?

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I currently work as a staff educator for my department. I went into grad school thinking I eventually wanted to teach academically, but found that my background of only perioperative nursing was a hurdle, as well as all of my projects ended up being focused not academically but on staff.

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I am currently a professional development specialist and run the orientation program for my hospital, system wide. While I would not say it is "cheerful" or "upbeat" all the time, I work with a wide variety of people, from patient transporters all the way up to the executive team and mingle with lots of other passionate educators. I have a lot of autonomy, I feel appreciated and well compensated. I feel like what I do is meaningful, that I am always learning and growing and I am happy 99.9% of the time.



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Thanks guys, I love these answers!



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Loved being a unit educator. Stupidest thing I did was to quit. Academia has a better schedule, but a few students can really make it or break it. They have a lot of "rights" even when obviously in the wrong!

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My biggest joy was classroom lectures, with lab practice as part of the class. The best thing about classroom with nursing students, is the majority want to be there and are actively involved in learning.

Teaching an online requisite course that people only take because they have too is much more frustrating. I miss the face to face contact. Not the lecture prep though ?