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nurse diploma- the 2 people who answered

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The diploma program is not for a adn. It is thru a hospital. It starts in Jan. and runs untl June I believe. Do you think this program is good? I thought a diploma program was just that? So a regular diploma program is 3 years? This program just lets you be a RN and take the test. Should I be concered?

Sakeena, I was also suprised when you said it was only 18 months for your diploma. There is a lot more to nursing school than "just getting your RN." There is an incredible amount of information to digest, as well as developing yourself into the role of a nurse. There is a great deal to learn. If I where you I would ask the school how it manages to teach the program in such a short time, it's NCLEX pass rate, and former students to tell you their experience. Good Luck


I would try to find out from your State

Nursing Board if this hospital program is

certified by them.


I would be very concerned about the standards of this diploma school..I cant imagine trying to practice as an RN with just 6 months under my belt (you said it went for Jan to June?). Nursing is so much more than just learning procedures...it is having expertise in assessments, critical thinking, on the spot problem-solving. I can also say at least in the various hospitals I have been an adminsitrator, an RN from that kind of program would not be hired.

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