Working with Family

  1. I will be graduating from nursing school in the spring and I have a sibling that will be graduating from nursing school in the fall. We live in a rural area and we will more than likely both try and stay in this area. So that means we may end up working together. We have a good relationship but we have not had to work together. When we end up spending too much time together( like high school) it doesn't end up pretty. Has anyone had to face anything similar and how do you manage?
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  3. by   SaoirseRN
    When you are at work, you are not siblings, you are nurses and coworkers and professionals. Simple. Leave the personal stuff outside of work.

    I worked with my mother (non nursing job) for years. At work she wasn't Mom. Instead I called her by her first name and after a few years, many of the newer staff didn't realize we were related.

    I currently work the occasional shift with my husband (also an RN) and at work, we are just coworkers, though people know we are married.