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Learn how to improve nursing colleague and patient relations. staff along with the community will offer advice on handling difficult patient/client encounters. Find ideas on improving patient/client interactions, ways to de-escalate situations, how to improve nursing and healthcare work relationships and foster teamwork.

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Prejudice Against Overweight Patients: An Issue To Ponder

Weight discrimination is the treatment of someone in an unfair manner due to the person's size. Even though extremely thin individuals are occasionally treated...

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Confrontation with bullies at work place; need advice with next step

Dear readers, I'm a new grad, and have been working as a new nurse for early 5 months. I've heard a lot regarding "nurses eat their young" before I stepped a...

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How To Spot a Workplace Bully, Part One

You go to the ED with chest pain. The medical team puts you on oxygen, draws blood for labs and gives you aspirin, Plavix and morphine. And then you get a battery...

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Do We Really Understand Each Other?
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Do We Really Understand Each Other?

As a young medic who joined the Army and entered the nursing world I was assigned to my first medical surgical floor at Madigan Army medical Center in Tacoma, Wa....

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Be Kind to Co-workers, Or Else
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Be Kind to Co-workers, Or Else

To tell the truth, I don't know if she had dementia prior to the stroke. Certainly after this stroke she had classic perseveration. Many of us have taken care of...

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Sometimes it is an honor and privilege to be a part of my patients's lives...

One of my primary patients is shattering all predictions. He was a very sick boy, failure to thrive diagnosed with CP. Initial prognosis was poor for 'normal'...

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Bullying in the workplace

"I was working at a place not too long ago and it was a very old fashioned place. My background came into good standing because of 'yes ma'am, no ma'am, can I make...

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Doc Lori, R.N.

Do You Drink the Karmic Kool-Aid?

How would you feel if I told you that before you were born, you chose your life time and you chose your circumstances (with all of it's consequences) in order to...

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Do you recognize abusive behavior in your unit?
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Do you recognize abusive behavior in your unit?

I am sure all reading are thinking that they would never tolerate any such behavior. But do you? Think of the unconscious post op that comes in with bizarre ...

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Tips for Nurses: Dealing with annoying coworkers
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Tips for Nurses: Dealing with annoying coworkers

For me, the hardest type of nurse to deal with is a "free" charge who sits at the desk, reading, talking or knitting while her coworkers run around like chickens...

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