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Learn how to improve nursing colleague and patient relations. staff along with the community will offer advice on handling difficult patient/client encounters. Find ideas on improving patient/client interactions, ways to de-escalate situations, how to improve nursing and healthcare work relationships and foster teamwork.

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Left Speechless

He had just turned 18 when he came into the ER with chest and shoulder pain. I walked into his room and introduced myself. He was polite and soft spoken. I asked...

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PR in Nursing Has Taken the Front Seat in Patient Care

PR is big business in nursing. In order to have positive PR, a facility has to have a positive image. It is sometimes a difficult thing to be a well respected...

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Ruby Vee

Domestic Violence: What Leaving Feels Like

Imagine you got up from your computer right this minute, and walked out of your house knowing you will never, ever come back. Maybe you had a chance to grab...

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Inspiration is the Fancy Half of Breathing

When did parts of nursing become a weird cult? That somehow, there's a lot of nurses drinking kool-aid at a party where you would prefer water? (or for some a...

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"When was the last time I wow'ed a patient?"

I recently went to a job interview and one of the first questions I was asked is, "When was the last time you wow'ed a patient?" Up until this point I thought the...

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Racial Refusals In Nursing

For starters, 'racial refusal' is a term I constructed several years ago to denote the practice of patients and / or family members who refuse care from certain...

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The Patients Who Break Your Heart

Being only human, of course, we sometimes cross the line despite our best efforts...and the nurse whose restless dreams are unpopulated by the ghosts of past...

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Nobody likes me, Everyone hates me

There has been more than one discussion about nurses who are feeling hated. That someone over them calling the shots are nasty, mean and give one all the "hard"...

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The Shenanigans Involved With Scripting

Nurses who have the misfortune of working at healthcare facilities that utilize Press Ganey patient satisfaction surveys are probably subjected to the practice of...

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Nurses With Low Self-Esteem: Please Seek Help

Self-esteem can be defined as the extent to which we deem our value, worth, and competence as a person. It factors significantly in how we view ourselves and the...

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Patients are vulnerable. They are relying on nursing to give them care, encourage their independence, to increase or maintain their functional level. This takes a...

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Be My Friend at the End

It was exciting to work on a busy medical-surgical floor. Although I was occasionally overwhelmed, I can honestly say that I was never bored. After I became...

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Anna Flaxis an imperfect world.

I recently took a new job where I was just amazed by the teamwork displayed by the entire staff. I was just in awe. But now, the honeymoon is over. I'm starting...

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Hero Worship of Nurses: Misplaced

Time and time again, I see threads on this site along the lines of, "How could nurses be that way?" It seems many people, the general public, and students...

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Are you providing great patient care?

I thought about this question as I reflected on my day with my new orientee who has been with me for almost two weeks now. She is a new grad but does have previous...

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Homeless Patients: Considerations

Jacob, a 23-year-old, patiently lays on the bed in a semi-private room on the medical-surgical floor of an urban county-run hospital. The doctors, nurses and other...

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The Answer That You Seek

There is more than one way to ask a question seeking advice. In these times, it is a good reference to have other nurses who have been there, done that. Even ...

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Exit Strategies For Nurses Who Deal With Overly Talkative Patients

"I am a nurse who deals with multiple patients during the course of each shift. Sometimes I'll get a patient who simply talks too much and won't let me leave the...

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