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i was just wondering what everyones weird/ innappropriate encounters with patients where as a nurse (Ex. people touching you weirdly, saying innappropriate things thing you, stuff like that) im in... Read More

  1. by   MomRN0913
    Yes, I agree, if it was a cognitive matter, he should have been redirected to please stop, or when he is alone he may continue on with such activites. Idon't think an CNA should accept this as a part of her job.
  2. by   ibrahiem
    I think that the only solution , is to separate between male & female . ( i mean for male ward only male nurse who can work , female nurse can only work in female ward ) this is my opinion.
  3. by   bookworm78910
    Thank you for pointing out that agency policy may dictate residents not be left alone in the shower room. That was the policy in this agency, and in this situation that would not have been a safe option. I can't speak to whether the resident had dementia or mental illness or not, but his actions certainly speak for themselves. I'm not saying it's appropriate, just that it happens and redirecting the patient isn't always effective.
  4. by   diane227
    I urge you to expect this type of behavior from time to time and to deal with in a direct, professional manner. When I have had patients or visitors say inappropriate things to me, I clearly tell them that their behavior or conversation is inappropriate and that I am requesting that they refrain from saying or doing what ever they are saying or doing. If they persist, then you should go up the chain of command. If they are physical with you, you should seek assistance quickly. Threats should be taken very seriously.