1. Hi guys- I am new but I wanted to ask others their opinions on this issue.

    If I am going to be in trouble if I had not been documenting or not doing something, is it unfair for me to document that I did my part and someone else failed to do what they are responsible for? (this was truly the case, I had done everything I could do, went to another person who could do more, then they didn't do anything and it came back to me, so I tried to get them to do something again, and documented another attempt at getting what needed to happen to happen) As in- I did such and such, so and so needs to now do this to complete this task, I asked them to do so and they have not done so.

    Why should I just let it seem like I dropped the ball when I didn't? I don't want to make my co-workers mad but I have to cover myself before I can worry about them.

    I feel like I'm not a team player but I always do things I'm asked/required to do and I feel like I have to fight tooth and nail to get others to do their part. So when it comes back to me, I simply document, this is what I did, and so and so did not respond/do what I asked/do anything.

    It doesn't help that my co-workers are one giant clique and constantly gossip and take breaks while I stay hard at work all day or night. I try not to resent them but their laziness and procrastination always causes me extra work.

    Fair or no?

    Sorry for the wordiness or if it doesn't make sense. I just get tired of doing shifts with people who don't do what they need to and then leave it for me to take thee blame for.
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