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Hello, all! I've been a nurse for just over 6 years, and to combat burnout, I decided to get my associates degree in culinary arts with a certificate in baking--I figured even if I never changed careers, I'd enjoy the classes and be a really good cook at home! Since finishing this past spring, I've been looking at nutrition certifications in efforts to combine nursing and cooking, but most nutrition certifications I've found (without having an established nutrition or dietitian bachelor's degree--I have my BSN) seem like scams just to get money in return for a "certificate", as well as very rudimentary curriculum (ex.: "you'll learn how to read a nutrition label"--for $800). I'd love to work with oncology or nephrology patients to optimize their nutrition as well as general health goals. What ideas are there in order to combine these two areas? Thanks!

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as far a nephrology, contact a nephrologists office or dialysis clinic ask to get the dietician's contact info.  They can direct you to what options are available

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Certified Dietary Manager! 


Course and test information at Association of Nutrition & Food Service Professionals.  (ANFP)


Not a scam!


 It is the path for Dietary Chefs.  


Talk to RD at the hospital. CDM work with RDs.


 RDs prescribe the diet and CDM cook it.  


You might still want to remain a RN.....but, it will be a very good comprehensive educational course that is concentrated in everything medical dietary cooking.

It is recognized and not expensive. 


You find CDM mostly at nursing home facilities, hospitals and in the military. 


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