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Nurse/camper ratio and nurse schedule

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UTVOL3 has 6 years experience and specializes in NICU, adult med-tele.

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Hi there! Who is excited for camp this summer?

What's your nurses' work/time off schedule like at your camp, and for how many campers?

We have a wonderful set up at our camp when we are adequately staffed. After working really short last summer, I am trying to come up with other ways we could work the schedule to provide adequate coverage, time off and meet our regulatory guidelines (on-site health care provider coverage is required at our camp.)



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TheSquire has 9 years experience as a DNP, EMT-B, APN, NP and specializes in Urgent Care NP, Emergency Nursing, Camp Nursing.

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Where I used to work it was 1,000 campers/leaders:1 nurse, but that's because I worked at a BSA camp as a health officer and was totally overqualified.  At BSA camps, campers attend as units, and med administration is handled by units just like any other campout.  Medical personnel operate on much more of an EMS footing.

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