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NSP and Eligible Employment?

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So I've just been selected for one of the Nursing Scholarship Program awards and after all the excitement has worn down I'm left wondering what exactly I've gotten myself in to. The service contract requires 2 years of employment in a facility with a critical shortage of nurses, but the HRSA website doesn't have any kind of list of eligible facilities. It sounds like so many new nurses are having a hard time finding employment, so where exactly are these critically understaffed facilities?

Do any of you have tips on locating these places? :confused:

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Congratulations!!! How is it working out?

I am applying for the NSP; I live in Philadelphia. So sorry you didn't get any hits for your last question! I am wondering the same thing.

Tell more about it!

ps. If you just got accepted last August, I fugure you are coming up on your second year of nursing school, so you haven't had to find employment yet. On the Frequently Asked Questions part of the NSP page, they do address what TYPES of facilities are considered, um, whatever acronym they give those short-of-nurses facilities... Eg., dialysis units, no, community health centers, yes.

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