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NPs with LTC only


I am an aspiring ANGP. I cant see myself taking care of any other patient population. Due to this I decided early within my career that I wanted to work in LTC SNF/Post-Acute settings. Wanted to know if there were any NPs out there that have only worked in those settings. Did your work experience hinder your ability to get into NP school?

Alittle background on me. Have been a Nurse for almost 5yrs. Currently working on my MSN and hoping to get into an post- cert NP program for AGNP in 2019. Also working on becoming certified as a gerontological nurse.

applesxoranges, BSN, RN

Specializes in ER.

I would think working in LTC may benefit you. A lot of NPs who used to work in the ER as RNs started out in long term care. I can think of two or three NPs. I am doing my first clinical with an NP who rounds in different facilities.