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NPs on Big Islan

LuvBNaMom LuvBNaMom (New) New

I am considering moving my family to the Big Island. I have a tentative job offer on Hilo side. I would love to hear any and everything you are willing to share. Where to live? Pay rates (ranges are fine if you aren't comfortable sharing amounts). My husband and I lived in Oahu years ago and loved it. We do have 3 middle schools boys. I'd appreciate your feedback! Thanks!!


Specializes in Emergency. Has 6 years experience.

I am following this tread also, looking at something similar. Being Native Hawaiian, would love to move back :)

I wouldn't know about pay rates, but I would recommend living in either Waiakea Uka or Hamakua Coast. The vog and allergens are bad, so be careful if you or your family has any issues breathing.

This island is nothing like Oahu, and frankly I'd recommend a visit if possible before deciding to move here. Happy to see more NPs here, though!


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