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NPs in Arizona


Hi, I'm thinking about going to NP school in AZ but going back and fourth trying to decide if I should do FNP or AG-ACNP, the latter is my first preference but I have heard so many nurses say that FNP gives me more options. I want to work with adults only. I'm also trying to find an NP school in AZ as well. I don't want to end up with instructors who are not supportive. Any advice?

Thank you!

DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

Specializes in DHSc, PA-C.

Do FNP if you want to have the ability to treat all ages in the outpatient setting.

Do AG-ACNP if you want to treat adults in the inpatient setting.

Thank you! It's AG-ACNP for me! Right now, I'm working in the step down unit and I've only been on this unit for about 3 months. ACNP requires that I work in the ICU, right? Can I apply to ICU after one year in step down?