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NP working with Surgical Residents

Hi all!

I am a Vascular Surgery NP working at a teaching hospital with a residency program within our practice. I do a little bit of everything in my role from inpatient care, consults, outpatient clinic, basically whatever the service needs other than operating. I am not a first assist or working in the O.R. at all and do not have any desire to do so. I am interested in hearing other NPs experience with working on a resident team, how they are utilized as an NP, how they work with the residents, what is the dynamic on your team between the residents, NP, and attendings?


Numenor, BSN, MSN, NP

Specializes in Internal Medicine.

I worked inpatient with residents. I liked it. At first they didn't understand our role but eventually we got used to each other. I prefer teaching services to be honest.


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