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NP vs. Physical / Occ. Therapy

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I'm currently a college student taking prerequisites for nursing school ( hopefully i get into a bsn program). My plan in life is to get my RN, work a couple of years to save $$, for grad school and gain experience in the field before proceeding to get my NP degree. I originally was intereted in becoming a therapist (PT/OT) until I knew about the different specialties nurses can have, including APRNs. For all you APN/NPs out there, what is your job like? How do you find it? Would you trade it for another profession? I know that part of your scope is to prescribe medication that you are trained to provide but i believe that there is more to that. I am really interested in becoming an NP.

what is the job market like? I've been told by a couple therapists that nurses are running out of jobs, underpaid and all that. They told me i'm better off becoming a therapist where they get paid more, less stress, and in demand, etc. but i am still interested in becoming an np because schooling for that still takes as long as a therapist!

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