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NP interview questions?

Has 4 years experience.

Hi all!

I recently got invited for an interview to get into an MSN-FNP program. I haven't found many resources for those that have or are going to have interviews to get into these types of programs. I'm looking for any advice/tips/what kinds of questions I can anticipate to be asked? Thanks!

Also, PS, didn't quite know where to post this. Thanks!

INN_777, BSN, RN

Has 5 years experience. Specializes in Oncology, Medicine.

They basically want to know A) that you will be able to successfully complete the program and B ) that you are picking the right track. As such expect questions about your preparedness for the program, your strengths/weaknesses, how you handle feedback, your support system, etc to address A. And questions on your motivations for further study and your short term and long term career goals to address B. And, of course, be knowledgeable about the schools you are applying to.

Hope this helps.


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