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NP Hospitalists, a take from AHA and this Hospitalist NP


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Nurses as Hospitalists | Trustee

The linked article had interesting points to make and I am keen on the content as a new NP and as a hospitalist.

While I am greatly enjoying my experience and really am fortunate to have a supportive physician team who all are eager to teach me, this may not always be the case.

I also bring 15 years as an RN in various settings (mostly hospital, and much of it critical care/ED) which for me made all the difference in finding comfort and familiarity with the role and expectations. I also know there is so much I do not know.

Everyday I am writing down in a notebook things to look up and understand better. I truly am finding this is a fantastic adventure!

I pray I keep this motivation and intrigue, but I am not naive enough to think the honeymoon will last forever. Therefore, I am pushing myself even harder than I did in school because I do not want to give any reason to doubt my ability.

I'll admit that some of the issues I'm encountering (as far as the dynamics of the jobs, infrastructure, expectations, policy) I only became familiar with through my network of NPs and others (both IRL and here...you know who you are, or should). Many of my peers are under-prepared as far as that goes, and it's anybody's guess if they are prepared enough clinically. But I digress, as that is a topic for another thread (or several, as they pretty much already exist.)

I feel like a sponge, soaking up this rare opportunity of knowledge and growth and I can't get enough!

I really am ecstatic.