NP admissions

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I have been working as RN since 2016 in long term care facilities around Toronto. I have been working for myself as in looking for contracts or going through agencies. I have done geriatric specialty as well. My grades have been fairly good (3.38) and I am very keen to be a NP and aiming to get into Western university, London, Ontario. Given experience, I meet the minimum requirements, for my reference I have my Charge nurse and our MD to vouch for me, does working as contractor or with agencies considered negative in terms for getting accepted into university? Everyone says that you have to be an ER/med-surg nurse.


Unfortunately I don't know what Canadian NP school standards/requirements are. I can tell you that here in the States, you don't "have" to be an ED or med-surg RN to be able to get into NP school, unless you want to work in acute care.