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Novant Health in Bolivia

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Soon to be RN from ADN program in NJ. Looking to relocate to NC either immediately after NCLEX or might work here in NJ for a year then move down (still trying to make that decision). Specifically Southport/Oak Island area. Looking for input on Novant Health in Bolivia (salary (with diff), work environment, benefit status, etc) ...I've been looking at Novant and NHRMC, but I've heard horror stories about NHRMC regarding both pay and work environment because it's really the only hospital in the immediate area, thus has the upper hand if you will. I don't really want to work in the hospital setting, but I figure I might have to start at one as a new grad without experience.... Any and all input regarding Novant, other nursing jobs in that area, or just general nursing info with regards to the area is sought and appreciated! Thank you in advance!!

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