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NOVA Virginia


Hi guys.

I just applied to the Nursing Program at NOVA and I heard that if you apply close to the end of the application time, which will be at 05/08, you will have less chance to get in because they choose the application as they receive it. Is that true?


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I'm a NOVA grad and I've never heard of such a thing. I graduated in 2012 and while some things may have changed since then, a "first come, first served" admissions process wasn't used then and I highly doubt it's used now. It wouldn't make much sense to, as plenty of highly qualified applicants would be turned away because someone with a lower GPA and TEAS score applied a couple days earlier. Not sure how these rumors get started...

Flames9_RN, BSN, RN, EMT-B

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I graduated from NOVA in 2009..Started I think in 2007.... I recall the admission process changing, but I don't think it was first come first served..you still had to pass the TEAS. I think 1 got priority if u were from Virginia, but that was about it