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NOT ICU NURSE But assigned to ICU by my Sup

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Hello! I am a med/ surg tele nurse and was just hired last December 2018 in this floor. So, the assigned house supervisor called in and so our ICU nurse became the house supervisor for this night. When I came to get reports I was told that I will be in ICU. There is only 1 patient there and she is being treated for CHF exacerbation. She pretty much stable and with only occasional VPC's but she has afib and LBBB all the time on the monitor.

So I am not sure if I should have declined the assignment since I am not an ICU nurse. I started to question my assignment (in my head) when I went to med/ surg floor to say hi to my fellow nurses. But I felt they are KINDA indifferent and asked me right away " You are not an ICU nurse right?" "The patient was not downgraded from ICU why are you there?". I just told them well I just accepted the assignment otherwise I might be put on call shift. I appreciate them but I don't know if I did wrong accepting the assignment.

A little background about me: I have a nursing experience as a PICU nurse (2 years) not in USA tho. But here in USA I worked in skilled nursing fulltime and per diem NICU nurse.

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We often float floor nurses to the ICU, but they are given the least sick assignments and with interventions that are floor appropriate.

I'd be more concerned that there was only one patient, and you had them. This makes me think that you we by yourself. No unit should ever have fewer than two nurses. You also shouldn't be in a unit that you are not familiar with.



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