Not so great Kaplan scores, still passed NCLEX

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This post is for anyone who is not doing very well on their Kaplan question trainers. I remember reading a bunch of articles on people who had okay scored on their QTs, but mine were pretty awful. This got me really nervous thinking that I was definitely not going to be able to pass. My scores were:

QT1 - 49%

QT2 - 55%

QT3 - 48%

QT4 - 51%

QT5 - 57%

QT6 - 48%

QT7 - 48%

Pretty awful scores, I know. And my qbank scores ranged between the 50s and 60s

After doing so poorly on my QTs I was stressing out and looked to this site to give me some guidance, but I felt even worse after seeing how well (compared to me) people's scores were. I basically studied all day everyday from the day I graduated from nursing school up until my test date by doing the QTs, 75 questions of the question banks, and going over some of the content lectures. The day of my test came and I was extremely nervous because Kaplan wants you to score at least a 60% on its QTs. I promised myself that if I passed I would come back here to post my awful Kaplan scores to let people know that it's okay if you're not doing too well on them!!! As long as you're putting in the effort and going over the correct answers, you should be fine!! After I took the NCLEX in 75 questions I got home and cried because I thought the answers I had gotten were too easy, therefore below the passing standard. But I got my results back two days ago and found out that I passed. So to anyone who is stressing out, please don't be!! Just keep a positive attitude, study hard, relax the day before the test and everything should fall into place :)


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Congrats LS on a job well done. hank you for the words of encouragement. I just received the same score on my QT 7 and I was so discourage about it. I will remediate and do some more studying. Enjoy your success.



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Thank you for sharing your story. I am taking the test tomorrow and am freaking out because my kaplan qbank average is 58%( one of my horrible scores is 49%). I got so discouraged and started using Uworld free trial for 3 days and went back to take kaplan readiness #2( I didn't take #1) yesterday. I was so confused while I was taking the readiness. Thought I would get a 40+% but it turned out I got a 72.2% on it. I hope I wasn't just lucky cause I am still very confused with the content at the moment. =(



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Congratulations.. My Question Trainer scores started out pretty bad, but then I ended up with a 60% and 61% on QT 6 and 7.

I took my NCLEX about 44 hours ago... Waiting on quick results, and hoping Kaplan paid off :)